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Syllabus for
UGC NET Computer Science
 Study materials for UGC NET Computer Science 

Paper I

  1. Teaching and Research Aptitude(General Paper).

Paper II

  1. Discrete Structures.
  2. Computer Arithmetic.
  3. Programming in C and C++.
  4. Relational Database Design and SQL.
  5. Data and File Structures.
  6. Computer Networks.
  7. System Software and Compilers.
  8. Operating Systems with Case Study of Unix.
  9. Software Engineering.
  10. Current Trends and Technologies.

Paper III - Core Group

  1. Digital Systems and Microprocessors.
  2. Data Base Management Systems.
  3. Computer Graphics.
  4. Programming Concepts.
  5. Data Communication and Networks.
  6. Data Structures and Algoritms.
  7. OOP and Web Technologies.
  8. Advanced Software Engineering.
  9. Operating Systems.
  10. Artificial Intelligence.

Paper III - Elective/Optional

  1. Finite Automata and Formal Languages.
  2. Information Theory and Coding.
  3. Operation Research.
  4. Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems.
  5. Unix and Windows.